Leadership Coaching

Are you looking for a coach to help you grow your leadership skills in the tech industry?

As a former software engineer and an experienced executive, I understand both the thrill and the complexity of working in tech. I have strategies for increasing visibility, learning to be more strategic, rebranding yourself, becoming more confident, managing stakeholders, increasing employee engagement, and driving change across an organization.

For clients who want to improve communication skills, I draw on best practices from my book, “Present! A Techie’s Guide to Public Speaking.” I can help you hone messages and deliver them confidently, whether in a 1-on-1, at a team meeting, or on stage at an industry event.

I’ve coached hundreds of clients to become stronger leaders, and I’d like to help you next.


Starter Coaching Package
3 remote sessions : New clients only

During three 60-minute video meetings, we tackle your needs and identify actionable next steps.

Who’s it for? New clients with pressing needs. I’m here to help you move forward with a job search, hit the ground running with a career transition, rebrand yourself, prep for an upcoming presentation, or negotiate for what you want in your career. Reach out to schedule an introductory call to figure out if this package is for you.

Regular Coaching Package
Assessment, 8 remote sessions, complimentary follow up call

Starting out, we assess your strengths and your goals for coaching. During eight 60 minute video meetings, we discuss top-of-mind concerns and make progress on achieving your goals. Plus I hold you accountable so that you move forward.

Who’s it for? Individuals paying out-of-pocket or through their company’s professional development budget. Contact me to learn more.

Executive Coaching Package
360 Assessment, six months of in-person sessions, check-ins with stakeholders

I also offer in-person coaching for clients located in the San Francisco Bay Area. This package starts with a comprehensive evaluation of current strengths and areas to grow, and includes bi-weekly meetings and guidance from stakeholders.

Who’s it for? Companies who are investing in their employees’ leadership and career growth. Read about my executive package here.


Individuals across the tech industry hire me to help them reach their career goals. They work for startups, unicorns, and established companies. As one of my clients said, “I invest in a trainer at the gym, and now I want to invest in a coach for my career.” Right on!

Read what they say about working with me.