Are you looking for a coach to help you grow your leadership skills in the tech industry?

As a former software engineer and an experienced executive, I understand both the thrill and the complexity of working in tech. I have strategies for increasing visibility, learning to be more strategic, improving communication skills, managing stakeholders, increasing employee engagement, and driving change across an organization.

For clients who want to improve communication skills, I draw on best practices from my book, “Present! A Techie’s Guide to Public Speaking.” I can help you hone messages and deliver them confidently, whether in a 1-on-1 meeting, at a team meeting, or on stage at an industry event.

I’ve coached hundreds of clients to become stronger leaders, and I’d like to help you next.


Coaching: Starter Package
3 remote sessions : New clients only

During three 60 minute video meetings, we tackle your needs and identify actionable next steps.

Who’s it for? New clients with pressing needs. I’m here to to help you move forward with a job search, hit the ground running with a career transition, prep for an upcoming presentation, become a better ally for underrepresented groups, or handle a challenging situation. Reach out to schedule an introductory call to figure out if this package is for you.

Coaching: Regular Package
Assessment, 8 remote sessions, complimentary follow up call

Starting out, we assess your strengths and your goals for coaching. During eight 60 minute video meetings, we discuss top-of-mind concerns and make progress on achieving your goals. Plus I hold you accountable so that you move forward.

Who’s it for? Individuals paying out-of-pocket or through their company’s professional development budget. Reach out to learn more.

Coaching: Premium Package
360 Assessment, six months of sessions, check-ins with stakeholders as needed

This flexible package can include a 360 assessment of your leadership strengths and areas for improvement, bi-weekly 60 minute meetings (in person in the San Francisco Bay Area, or by video), and check-ins with your stakeholders. We work together to develop you as a leader and position you for future growth.

Who’s it for? Individuals whose companies are investing in their leadership and career growth. Contact me for more information.

Group Coaching: Regular & Premium Packages
Six months of leadership workshops for up to 15 women. Premium package also includes one-on-one coaching

Do you want to retain female employees? Increase the diversity of your management team by promoting women from within? Develop leadership skills and foster a network for women at your company? For the cost of an executive coach for just one person, I coach 15 women to be stronger leaders and be prepared to take on larger management roles.

Read more about my group coaching package here.

Who’s it for? Companies who want to retain and grow female talent.


My clients include Adobe Systems, AdRoll, Atlassian, BioMarin Pharmaceutical, Digital Ocean, Dropbox, eBay, Intel, Pinterest, Ripcord,, Teespring, and Twilio, as well as individuals who invest in their personal career growth. Here’s what they say:

I learned quite a lot from Karen in a short period. Because of her coaching, I am a stronger leader for the team that I manage, which resulted in higher productivity and team spirit. I am more confident when interacting with cross-functional groups and am able to speak up when things aren't right. As a result, I am a more respected member of the group and earned trust from upper management. I have also built a stronger network to support me and can more effectively influence others. Each time we met, Karen gave me interesting feedback and actionable suggestions to incorporate into my day-to-day life. In addition, she offered me a number of career advice that I really appreciate. I highly recommend her leadership coaching program. Sylvia Fong, Cancer Biologist, BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc.

Karen is an awesome coach. I take her advice and deliver on it. It always works out great. I am so happy to have Karen in my corner! Tammy Butow, Site Reliability Engineering Manager, Dropbox

I can’t say enough good things about how much Karen’s leadership coaching has helped me up my game. Because of her coaching, I am now more confident standing my ground and voicing alternative viewpoints in a productive way. The leadership team in my office has taken note, and I've received very positive feedback on my improved communication and management skills. I’m also trusting my instincts more, which is impacting the overall effectiveness of my group. I highly recommend her as a leadership coach! Bernadette Forward, Customer Success Manager, Funding Gates

 I just finished a course of leadership training with Karen and it was fantastic – empowering, insightful, educational, beneficial and fun. I am using these tools every day, referring to them regularly, and finding that they greatly and positively impact how I handle my work. Hire her now. Marisa Lenhardt, Program Manager, Creative Technologies Lab and Disruptive Innovation Group, Adobe Systems Inc

I'm an experienced technical operations leader who works in a fast-paced fulfillment organization. I was looking for a leadership coach to help me develop skills to better scale with the growth of the business without simply working more hours every week. And I'm glad I found Karen Catlin. She helped me improve my delegation skills, which allowed me to spend more time on strategic initiatives with a larger business impact. She helped me be more transparent with my thought process and use inquiry to uncover potential issues in projects. She also helped me more effectively advocate for myself by conveying the high-level impact of my work. Karen leverages her extensive experience as a tech executive to help her clients become stronger leaders. I left each session inspired and armed with practical next steps. Her coaching program works.Sharon Burt, Director of Product Management, Operations and Fulfillment, Teespring

When I started at my company, I worked with Karen to help ensure my first 90 days were successful. Because of her coaching, I developed ties with business leaders across the company and revamped my team's goals and metrics to be closely aligned with their needs. Karen helped me to think strategically about my team's impact, which has made all the difference. I highly recommend her. J.G., Director of Performance Engineering

Karen helped me develop critical leadership skills during the 6 months we worked together. For example, she taught me how to use Impact Statements to describe my work in a way that aligned with my company's strategic goals. As a result, I developed a stronger understanding of our business initiatives, and I was able to position myself as someone who makes an impact. Career doors are now opening for me because of Karen's coaching. F.A., Product Developer

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