In 2013, I set a goal for myself. To speak in public at least once every month. Why? I wanted to share my perspective of being a woman in tech, build my consulting business, and conquer my stage fright. And it worked! Today, I enjoy giving talks and being on panels, and I’ve had the pleasure of speaking at more than one hundred events. I’ve even given a TEDx talk and had a brief cameo on the TODAY show.

I give keynotes about workplace inclusion, public speaking, and women in tech. My most popular talks are:

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Karen Catlin's Speaker Reel

Speaker Reel

Catlin speaking at AWS Re:invent 2018

“Everyday Actions to Be a Better Ally”
AWS Re:Invent, November 2018

Catlin speaking at the 2017 Calibrate SF conference

“What Got You Here Ain’t Gonna Get You There”
Calibrate SF, September 2017

Karen and Poornima on Twitch TV

“Present! A Techie’s Guide to Public Speaking”
Twitch TV, April 2017

Catlin at Women In STEM keynote in 2017

“Stepping Outside Our Comfort Zone: It’s Where the Magic Happens”
Keynote at Women in STEM conference, Florida Polytechnic, March 2017

Catlin at Women In Tech keynote in 2017

“Women & Tech: We Need You Now More Than Ever”
Keynote at Women in Technology Summit, Indiana University, February 2017

Hack at Brown Video

“Ditch Your Comfort Zone”
Keynote at Hack@Brown, Brown University, February 2016

Karen's TEDx Video

“Women in Tech: The Missing Force”
TEDx College of William & Mary, April 2014

Speaking Logos Column Mar 2017“That was freakin’ awesome.”
Audience member at Karen’s talk at AWS Re:invent 2018

“We were very fortunate to have Karen from Better Allies join our Diversity and Inclusion in Open Communities Call. Her advice, and ‘everyday actions to be a better ally’ inspired participants, and provided new ideas and insights to those of us working to build more inclusive projects. I am grateful for her work in this space, and no doubt, will continue to leverage her work, and resources in our own.”
Emma Irwin, Community Development Mozilla

“Karen is a wonderful person and her ‘Everyday Actions to Be a Better Ally’ talk is excellent. Her background as a leader in the technology industry lends her unique credibility. She balances a natural warmth and inclusivity with a willingness to have the hard conversations. She speaks not only about high-level principles but also about tactical, actionable steps we can all take to improve gender dynamics in the workplace. We’re grateful she took the time to join us.”
Owen Wurzbacher, Stanford Graduate School of Business

“As a keynote speaker at the Adobe PgM Summit 2019, Karen Catlin allowed our conference participants to be among the lucky first to hear her thoughts summarized in her latest book ‘Better Allies.’ Karen inspired the audience to think about diversity at the workplace and to actively support the inclusion of all. She gave examples how opportunities here can easily be missed, causing some definitive aha moments for the audience. Karen’s way of connecting with people made the topics of ‘Better Allies’ very relevant and relatable for all. Many of us walked away with a new perspective on how to interact with fellow co-workers, how to reduce an almost ubiquitous unconscious bias by changing our own habits, and how elevating and praising individuals who are not members of a majority at the workplace, provides them the encouragement and visibility they deserve and need to thrive and succeed.”
Dirk Meyer, Adobe Program Management

“When we invited Karen Catlin and Poornima Vijayashanker to give a talk about their book, “Present! A Techie’s Guide to Public Speaking,” I knew they would give a great presentation. What I didn’t expect was that they would attract the largest audience we’ve ever had at our lunchtime speaker series. Nor could I have anticipated the immediate impact of their talk. The very next day, at our engineering all-hands, there was a visible improvement in the quality of the talks and the confidence of the speakers.”
Christine Rimer, Survey Monkey Product Operations

“I thoroughly enjoyed Karen Catlin’s “A Field Guide for Allies” talk. She achieved a perfect balance of humor while addressing a serious topic that affects many women in the tech workplace.”
Tom Dial, FactSet Research Systems

“Thank you so much for being the keynote speaker at our 2nd annual Women in STEM Summit. You were a big hit! Your stories about stepping outside of your comfort zone resonated with students, faculty and industry leaders at our summit, and you inspired everyone with the tips you shared from your book. Your keynote made a lasting impression on our audience, and brought our summit to a new level.”
Mary Church, Assistant Director of Development, Florida Polytechnic University

“Karen gave an inspiring keynote speech for Hack@Brown 2016 about ditching your comfort zone, which was an important theme for the weekend. Many participants called it the best keynote they’ve ever heard, and people continued referencing her talk throughout the hackathon. Her talk had an awesome impact.”
Mackenzie Clark, Co-founder Hack@Brown

“I saw Karen speak at the Watermark Conference for Women, and found her talk to be inspirational, polished (yet not stiff, she put me at ease), and practical. It was perfect for the audience. I am inspired to do more public speaking as a result.
Meghan Boots, Marketing Strategist, Adobe Systems

“You are an amazing moderator! Thank you for making us relax beforehand and for preparing us to make the best of our panel.”
Consuelo Valverde, Founder & Managing Partner, SV LATAM Fund, and Founder & Managing Director, ZFunction University

“You did a truly masterful job of moderating the SVForum panel. I truly appreciate all the thoughtful effort you put into planning to make this such a successful event.”
Francine G, Chair, SVForum Tech Women

“Had the pleasure of listening to Karen Catlin talk about Turning Risk into Opportunity. Karen is a great public speaker—poised, at ease, inclusive of the other panelists. She made specific and thoughtful comments with revealing examples. All while not ambling about and droning on. One of my many take-aways was to reframe the inner conversation to one that focuses on the upside of doing something risky, not just all the negative what-if’s.”
Elisabeth W., Interaction Design Consultant

“Karen was engaging and inspirational as she shared her career story and the reasons why gender diversity is critical for software teams. I highly recommend Karen for your panel!”
Judy B., Sr. Director Business Development at ForgeRock