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Attracting diverse talent getting harder, say higher ed IT leaders
Karen Catlin presents on how to attract and retain a diverse workforce at the Educause 2022 conference in Denver. Both Catlin and tech journalist Kara Swisher, who also spoke at the Denver conference, referred to research demonstrating that diverse teams in tech are more successful.
October 2022

The Muse
10 Ways You Might Have Wellness Privilege at Work—and What You Can Do With It
Adopting behaviors to improve health and well-being is easier for some people because of wellness privilege. And with that privilege comes the opportunity to be an ally to create more wellness privilege for all. Read this excerpt for 10 ideas, adapted from 50 Ways You Might Have Wellness Privilege at Work by Karen Catlin & Laura Putnam.
December 2021

5 Errors Managers Make When Providing Feedback To Employees
To learn more about allyship versus other types of workplace support, Kathy Caprino caught up this month with Karen Catlin. Here’s what Catlin shares about how to be an effective ally in business, why that’s essential for organizational growth, and how to avoid five big blunders in offering feedback.
November 2021

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7 challenges women face in getting ahead in IT
Climbing the career ladder in IT is no easy feat. But for women technologists, the path to the top is that much more difficult, thanks to bias, different standards, and workplace cultures that marginalize them. Includes quotes from Karen Catlin.
March 2021

The Muse
5 Ways You Can Help Your Company Find (and Hire!) More Diverse Candidates
The hiring pipeline is an easy scapegoat for why a workforce lacks diversity. Read this excerpt for 5 techniques you can use to expand your pipeline and diversify your candidate pools, adapted from The Better Allies Approach to Hiring by Karen Catlin.
November 2020

5 Simple Ways To Be A Better Ally At Work
In her book, Better Allies: Everyday Actions to Create Inclusive, Engaging Workplaces, Karen Catlin shares how anyone can be an ally to their colleagues from underrepresented demographics. I recently had a chance to interview Catlin, a former tech executive who is now a highly sought after expert on workplace inclusion.
October 2020

The Muse
7 Examples of What Being an Ally at Work Really Looks Like
Diverse and inclusive workplaces can be both difficult to find and hard to create. But if you care about making your own workplace truly inclusive, you have the ability to effect real change—as an ally. Read this excerpt to understand the roles allies can play, adapted from Better Allies: Everyday Actions to Create Inclusive, Engaging Workplaces by Karen Catlin.
April 2019

Wall Street Journal
Men Learn How to Be ‘Allies,’ Without Fear, to Female Colleagues
In meetings, male allies can help women guard against two common occurrences–“bro-propriations,” or instances where a man takes credit for restating an idea previously raised by a woman, and “man-terruptions,” which is just what it sounds like, said Karen Catlin, a former vice president of engineering at Adobe, who now helps technology firms find ways to attract and retain more women.
April 2018

How to Negotiate a Higher Job Offer In Just 1 Simple Sentence
Like the offer, but want more money or better benefits? This tactic, from 25-year tech veteran Karen Catlin, is surprisingly effective.
November 2017

What Ellen Pao’s case—and advocacy—means to women
Karen Catlin was asked to reflect on the impact of what Ellen Pao did—and how it’s benefited all of us.
September 2017

Why Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone Is the Key to Professional Success
As part of Elle’s 2017 Coach of the Month series, Karen Catlin was interviewed by the authors of “Geek Girl Rising: Inside the Sisterhood Shaking Up Tech” on the importance of embracing risk.
June 2017

Huffington Post
Working in a Man’s World: Karen Catlin is the Technology Queen
Karen Catlin, former VP of Adobe turned leadership coach, has set out to instill her ideology and empower women to push forward in a man’s world – the tech world that is.
April 2017

 Sexism in Silicon Valley: Bay Area not on list of best regions for women in tech
In this spotlight for KTVU’s evening news, the reporter interviewed Karen Catlin about sexism in Silicon Valley. “Women across tech have these experiences all the time,” said Catlin.
April 2017

Capital Soup
Florida Poly Foundation Hosts Second Annual Women in STEM Summit
“With more than 300 guests in attendance, the event featured keynote and TEDx speaker, Karen Catlin, former Vice-President at Adobe Systems, who now advocates for women in technology.
March 2017

The New York Times
Uber Case Could Be a Watershed for Women in Tech
“Left-leaning Silicon Valley has been embracing the Women’s March and had this heightened awareness about issues that women face due to misogynistic men,” said Karen Catlin, a former software engineer who is now an advocate for women in the tech industry.
March 2017

 5 Exercises Sheryl Sandberg, Silicon Valley Women Do to Build Confidence
In this article, Karen shares a favorite technique to help stop her impostor syndrome in its tracks.
September 2016

The Today Show
5 job-hunting tips and resources for moms who want to go back to work
This Today Show segment includes a brief clip of Karen explaining how power posing can help boost self-confidence.
June 2016

Launchway Media
6 Women in Tech You Need to Follow
Catlin has worked in the technology industry for years (former VP at Adobe) and now coaches women in tech to be stronger leaders and men on how to treat women as allies in the industry. Perhaps one of the biggest speakers and well-known women advocating for more women in the technology industry, she writes, speaks, and presents on this topic daily.
February 2016

Providence Journal
Students create apps to solve real-life problems at Providence hack-a-thon
In the words of keynote speaker Karen Catlin, a Brown grad who worked at Adobe Systems and gave a TEDx talk on women in technology, they were urged to step outside their comfort zones to find where the magic is.
February 2016

The Next Web
The 100+ tech & business women speakers you need at your next event
This list of top tech and business speakers includes Karen Catlin along with many other talented, accomplished women.
October 2015

This study suggests Silicon Valley really is biased against women
“This study should be a wakeup call for anyone in Silicon Valley who thinks this is just a pipeline problem,” said Karen Catlin, a former vice president of Adobe Systems who now is an advocate for women in the tech industry. “It’s much more complicated. Either there’s a very leaky pipeline and women are leaving jobs in tech or they are seeing they cannot have the careers they want in this industry and looking elsewhere for jobs instead.”
June 2015

The New York Times
Ellen Pao Disrupts How Silicon Valley Does Business
“Many men in the Valley genuinely believe that their company is a meritocracy,” said Karen Catlin, a former software engineer and a former vice president of Adobe Systems. “They think that the gender problem is something that happens somewhere else. It’s my sincere hope that because Kleiner is so well known, they’ll see that this problem is not at the corner. It’s at the heartbeat. And after this, we’ll have a series of cautionary tales about what not to do going forward.”
March 2015

The New York Times
Vivek Wadhwa, Voice for Women in Silicon Valley, Is Foiled by His Tone
“I don’t think he has done much good,” said Karen Catlin, a former software engineer and vice president of Adobe Systems who now works as a consultant and advocate for women in tech. “He has burned a lot of bridges with the women’s community.”
February 2015

PR Newswire
Wonder Women Tech And The City of Los Angeles Partner To Celebrate, and Educate Women In Tech, STEAM and Innovation Via Epic Free Conference!
News release: “The conference will host 14 distinguished panels and over 50 speakers, including C-Suite women, business leaders, inventors, investors, best-selling authors and award winning scientists and pioneers. Keynote speakers include Karen Catlin, Former VP of Adobe.”
February 2015