Podcasts (which I love doing!), interviews, press quotes, and the like…


Everything Speaks podcast
Episode 30: We Need More Women in Tech
This week on Everything Speaks, Lee and Karen talk about the need for diversity in Silicon Valley, the importance of networking, and why it’s critical to become a better public speaker.
January 2017
Teen Hackz podcast
Episode 2: Perfect Parenting Does Not Exist, with Karen Catlin
The two Lisa’s at TeenHacks talk with Karen about the intersection of parenting and leadership.
January 2017
HIPerspectives Podcast
Listen in to HIPerspectives Episode 12 as Poornima and Karen preview some tips from their book and share their perspectives on why we need more people in tech – particularly women in tech – giving presentations.
November 2015
Less Than Or Equal Podcast
Podcast 87
Karen and Aleen discuss advocacy and mentorship in tech, leaving corporations for consultancies, and the intersection of parenting and leadership.
April 2016
Local Job Network Radio
Moving Up the Ladder – The Art of Micro-Mentoring
Many individuals have formal mentors that guide them and give them career advice, but are there drawbacks to only having one mentor versus many mentors? Karen Catlin joins the show to explore the art of micro-mentoring, or asking for advice and guidance from many people.
May 2014

Interviews in Books

Geek Girl Rising Book
Geek Girl Rising: Inside the Sisterhood Shaking Up Tech
Authors Heather Cabot and Samantha Walravens write about Karen in Chapter 4: “Dream It, Do It, Own It: Confidence Coaches.”
May 2017
Work Pause Thrive Book
Work PAUSE Thrive: How to Pause for Parenthood Without Killing Your Career
Author Lisen Stromberg interviews Karen about her career in Chapter 2: “Innovating the Path.”
January 2017

In the News

Huffington Post
Working in a Man’s World: Karen Catlin is the Technology Queen
Karen Catlin, former VP of Adobe turned leadership coach, has set out to instill her ideology and empower women to push forward in a man’s world – the tech world that is.
April 2017
Sexism in Silicon Valley: Bay Area not on list of best regions for women in tech
In this spotlight for KTVU’s evening news, the reporter interviewed Karen Catlin about sexism in Silicon Valley. “Women across tech have these experiences all the time,” said Catlin.
April 2017
Capital Soup
Florida Poly Foundation Hosts Second Annual Women in STEM Summit
“With more than 300 guests in attendance, the event featured keynote and TEDx speaker, Karen Catlin, former Vice-President at Adobe Systems, who now advocates for women in technology. Catlin was joined by a panel of STEM experts and inspirational speakers who provided insight into their own professional journeys and how they overcame barriers in their fields.
March 2017
The New York Times
Uber Case Could Be a Watershed for Women in Tech
“Left-leaning Silicon Valley has been embracing the Women’s March and had this heightened awareness about issues that women face due to misogynistic men,” said Karen Catlin, a former software engineer who is now an advocate for women in the tech industry. Now the same social-media energy aimed at President Trump is being marshaled against Uber, better known on Twitter as #deleteUber.
March 2017
5 Exercises Sheryl Sandberg, Silicon Valley Women Do to Build Confidence
In this article, Karen shares a favorite technique to help stop her impostor syndrome in its tracks.
September 2016
The Today Show
5 job-hunting tips and resources for moms who want to go back to work
This Today Show segment includes a brief clip of Karen explaining how power posing can help boost self-confidence.
June 2016
Launchway Media
6 Women in Tech You Need to Follow
Catlin has worked in the technology industry for years (former VP at Adobe) and now coaches women in tech to be stronger leaders and men on how to treat women as allies in the industry. Perhaps one of the biggest speakers and well-known women advocating for more women in the technology industry, she writes, speaks, and presents on this topic daily.
February 2016
Providence Journal
Students create apps to solve real-life problems at Providence hack-a-thon
In the words of keynote speaker Karen Catlin, a Brown grad who worked at Adobe Systems and gave a TEDx talk on women in technology, they were urged to step outside their comfort zones to find where the magic is.
February 2016
The Next Web
The 100+ tech & business women speakers you need at your next event
This list of top tech and business speakers includes Karen Catlin along with many other talented, accomplished women.
October 2015
Fusion logo
This study suggests Silicon Valley really is biased against women
“This study should be a wakeup call for anyone in Silicon Valley who thinks this is just a pipeline problem,” said Karen Catlin, a former vice president of Adobe Systems who now is an advocate for women in the tech industry. “It’s much more complicated. Either there’s a very leaky pipeline and women are leaving jobs in tech or they are seeing they cannot have the careers they want in this industry and looking elsewhere for jobs instead.”
June 2015
The New York Times
Ellen Pao Disrupts How Silicon Valley Does Business
“Many men in the Valley genuinely believe that their company is a meritocracy,” said Karen Catlin, a former software engineer and a former vice president of Adobe Systems. “They think that the gender problem is something that happens somewhere else. It’s my sincere hope that because Kleiner is so well known, they’ll see that this problem is not at the corner. It’s at the heartbeat. And after this, we’ll have a series of cautionary tales about what not to do going forward.”
March 2015
The New York Times
Vivek Wadhwa, Voice for Women in Silicon Valley, Is Foiled by His Tone
“I don’t think he has done much good,” said Karen Catlin, a former software engineer and vice president of Adobe Systems who now works as a consultant and advocate for women in tech. “He has burned a lot of bridges with the women’s community.”
February 2015
PR Newswire
Wonder Women Tech And The City of Los Angeles Partner To Celebrate, and Educate Women In Tech, STEAM and Innovation Via Epic Free Conference!
News release: “The conference will host 14 distinguished panels and over 50 speakers, including C-Suite women, business leaders, inventors, investors, best-selling authors and award winning scientists and pioneers. Keynote speakers include Karen Catlin, Former VP of Adobe.”
February 2015
Argonaut News Logo
Women on the Move
Wonder Women Tech takes on the industry’s gender imbalance at Playa Vista’s famed Spruce Goose hanger. Article includes an interview with Karen Catlin.
February 2015
The Campanil Newspaper at Mills College
Karen Catlin talks women in tech
On Thurs., Sept. 4, Karen Catlin, former Vice President of Adobe Systems, spoke at Mills College regarding women in the technology industry.
September 2014
Venture Burn
6 entrepreneurs’ blogs worth following for their journey
This list comprises those who do ‘personal branding’ best, and share their ‘thought leader’ acumen with the rest of us, so we can be become better entrepreneurs ourselves.
August 2013

Blog Interviews

Fairy God Boss
Fairygodboss Of The Week: Karen Catlin
Karen Catlin, who helps women in tech through her consulting business, is a true Fairygodboss who’s all about paying it forward. We love that in addition to advocating for women, she also coaches men on how to create inclusive workplaces. Her career advice will encourage you to tackle your public speaking nerves!
April 2017
Women 2.0
At Last — A Public Speaking Guide for Techies!
In this interview, Karen shares the backstory to her book, “Present! A Techie’s Guide to Public Speaking” and why she thinks everyone should read it.
November 2016
Power to Fly
Tech Advocate Karen Catlin On How She Became A Mom And Leader On Her Own Terms
Karen Catlin is an advocate for women in the tech industry after having a long, fulfilling career at Adobe. PowerToFly will hand over our social media channels to Karen on Monday, April 18th, to discuss all things women in tech. In anticipation of the takeover, we spoke with Karen about ways to create more gender equality in tech, the intersection between mothering and leading, and the power of remote work.
April 2016
Eloquent Women's Guide to Panels
Karen Catlin’s The Best Panel Ever: A How-to Guide
Karen Catlin, a consultant and advocate for women in the tech industry, has published The Best Panel Ever: A How-To Guide on LinkedIn. I think she nails the experience most of us have had while watching a panel discussion…
July 2015
WIT Campaign logo
An Interview with Karen Catlin
The Women In Tech Campaign interviewed Karen Catlin as part of their series to help redefine what women in technology means in the 21st century.
July 2015
Adecco Logo
Three Ways to Start a New Job The Right Way
Kick off your job search with these tips from Karen Catlin and other leadership coaches.
Mother Coders
The Power of ‘The Ask’ — Career Roadmapping with Karen Catlin
As MotherCoders wrapped up the Fall 2014 session, they invited career coach and technologist Karen Catlin to help them create roadmaps toward new careers in tech.
November 2014
Anita Borg Institute
#GHCchat: Working as a Tech Consultant
On November 20th, #GHCchat was co-hosted by Karen Catlin focusing on working as Tech Consultant or Freelancer.
November 2014
Model View Culture
Tech, Culture and Diversity News
In this week’s newsletter, Model View Culture recommends Karen Catlin’s “fast read on building successful women in tech initiatives within tech companies.”
October 2014
The Glass Hammer
Capturing Innovation: How Can Companies Make Tech Teams More Diverse?
An interview with Karen Catlin on strategies for improving gender diversity.
October 2014
adobe logo
Meet Adobe at the 2014 Grace Hopper Celebration
When asked about the best career advice she ever received, this Adobe employee credits Karen Catlin.
October 2014
Let’s face it: Silicon Valley has been a boy’s club for too long. For an area that prides itself on meritocracy, the gender imbalance can be the elephant in the room; mostly unacknowledged, but definitively unavoidable. An interview with Karen Catlin.
February 2014
The Glass Hammer
Movers and Shakers: Karen Catlin, Developing powerful women leaders in the tech industry
An interview with Karen Catlin in The Glass Hammer, an online community designed for women executives in financial services, law and business.
September 2013
Anita Borg Institute
National Engineers Week Interview
Today’s National Engineers Week interview is with Karen Catlin, Leadership Coach and Advocate for Technical Women, Karen Catlin Consulting.
February 2013

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