Planning on offsite (or onsite) for your team? I lead workshops on women’s leadership, negotiation, workplace inclusion, and ally skills. I love teaching by combining stories from my tech career with strategies, best practices, and small group breakout discussions.

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A Field Guide for Allies – Workshop Series
Are you looking to increase your diversity and create a more inclusive workplace? To create a culture where women and underrepresented people can thrive? Where everyone, frankly, feels welcome and supported to do their best? In this two-part highly interactive series, I raise awareness of the benefits of a more diverse workforce and teach individuals how they can make a difference.

Part I: For women on your team, I lead a workshop that includes an engaging live poll to identify their concerns and discuss strategies for mitigating each. I use the results of the poll to identify top themes to address in the second workshop.

Part II: About a month later, I hold a second workshop for your entire team. I discuss the challenges facing women and other underrepresented people, helping participants develop a new appreciation for the differences their co-workers face. Along the way, I teach simple, everyday actions to create a more inclusive workplace.

This workshop utilizes content from the popular @betterallies project.

Length: 3 hours

Women’s Leadership Power Camp
I love teaching leadership skills to women working in the tech industry, to inspire and empower them to grow their career and stay in tech. During this half-day workshop, I cover a set of leadership topics to help participants develop critical workplace skills.

After doing a warm-up exercise that always gets the group laughing, I lead an interactive presentation, weaving together stories from my background working in tech with strategies and best practices from leading research organizations. I also provide worksheets and prompts for small group breakout discussions.

Participants learn leadership skills they can apply immediately. They also strengthen their network of women at your company. Both have lasting impacts on their careers.

Length: 1-4 hours, with leadership topics customized to meet your needs

Ally Skills Workshop
I am trained to lead the highly recommended “Ally Skills Workshop” developed by Frame Shift Consulting.In this workshop, participants learn simple everyday ways to use their privilege and influence to support women and underrepresented people. Participants practice ally skills during small group discussions.The best workshops are a mix of people who can act as allies and people from underrepresented groups.

Length: 3 hours

Learn to Negotiate And Stop Holding Yourself Back
As women, we tend to undersell ourselves and avoid negotiating for what we want. We might hold back from seeking a promotion until we can tick off all the required experience. We may assume others will notice our work and ask us to lead the next project. And we certainly don’t want to brag about our accomplishments and why we deserve a bump in our salary.

In this workshop, participants learn how to discover their true value, leverage it to craft an ASK for decision makers, and handle common concerns and objections of decision makers. They’re able to practice their ASK and receive feedback on it.

Co-taught with Poornima Vijayashanker of Femgineer.

Length: 3 hours


I’ve led workshops for Adobe Systems, eBay, Grace Hopper Celebration, Holberton School, Intel, Salesforce, and SAP. Here’s what they say:

“We were thrilled with the Diversity & Inclusion Power Camp that Karen Catlin led for our team. She delivered an engaging, interactive workshop where we learned everyday actions to create a more inclusive culture where everyone can thrive. Because of her extensive background working in tech, Karen was able to distill the research in this field and make it relevant to our workplace. It was eye-opening, and we immediately saw results.”
Lise-Lotte Cajback, eBay

“We’re thrilled with the half-day Leadership Power Camp that Karen organized for our women’s group at Adobe. She’s a dynamic speaker, storyteller, and workshop facilitator, and the Power Camp was informative, fun, and inspiring. Her experience and techniques resonated with the entire audience, and participants started applying what they learned immediately. Our post-event survey results prove she had a major impact.
Hire her today!”
Donna Kolnes and Jackie Lincoln-Owyang, co-leaders of Adobe&Women

“Karen’s workshop not only sparked edgy dialogue on some very daunting issues, it also created a connection among us in a very short time. And it was super fun! Karen is a warm, engaging, intelligent facilitator. I highly recommend her workshop to any group/organization.”
Elena D., Member of the Programming Committee, The Women’s CLUB of Silicon Valley

“I attended Karen’s ‘How to Give Your First Lightning Talk’ workshop at the Grace Hopper Celebration in 2015. She helped me craft a story to showcase my background, which started with ‘Imagine you were at your first hackathon, …’ That story did wonders for me! It got me my first tech internship with a company I love, and it helped me connect with wonderful women during the conference. I felt natural and confident when people asked me, ‘Tell me a little bit about yourself.’ I am extremely thankful to Karen.”
S Mall, Computer Science Student, UCSD

“Karen’s half-day Women’s Power Camp was very impactful! As a young, new professional the advice Karen gave was amazing and priceless. Her presence and tips resonate with people of all ages and backgrounds. It was an amazing event where we could all be open with each other and learn from each other.”
Luci Buda, Associate Legal Counsel, Adobe

“For the last couple years, women in tech have been told to lean in. Although this is a great idea, it is still overwhelming and hard to know where to start. I like how Karen took this approach but broke it down into manageable steps. She gave us tools that are easy to execute and as someone who is starting out in the tech field I appreciate being able to take small steps that will lead to bigger results.”
Kimberly, Student at MotherCoders