Older Publications

Earlier in my career, I worked in an applied research group at Brown University. We built a nifty hypertext system called Intermedia, and published a number of academic research papers to share our work. I was co-author of the following:

Hypermedia Templates: An Author’s Tool
ACM Proceedings of Hypertext ‘91, December 1991. Authors: Karen Catlin, L. Nancy Garrett, Julie Launhardt
Download from the ACM Digital Library

Anchors for Shifting Tides: Designing a ‘Seaworthy’ Hypermedia System
Proceedings of the Twelfth International Online Information Meeting, December 1988. Authors: Karen Catlin, Tim Catlin

Issues in Designing a Hypermedia Document System: The Intermedia Case Study
A chapter in Interactive Multimedia, published by Microsoft Press, 1988. Authors: Nicole Yankelovich, Karen Catlin, L. Nancy Garrett, Norm Meyrowitz

Intermedia: A Case Study of the Differences Between Relational and Object-Oriented Database Systems
ACM Proceedings of OOPSLA ’87, October 1987. Authors: Karen Smith, Stan Zdonik
Download from the ACM Digital Library

Intermedia: Issues, Strategies, and Tactics in the Design of a Hypermedia System
ACM Proceedings of the Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW ’86), December 1986. Authors: L. Nancy Garrett, Norm Meyrowitz, Karen Smith
Download from the ACM Digital Library

Building a Timeline Editor from Prefab Parts: The Architecture of an Object-Oriented Application
ACM Proceedings of OOPSLA ’86, September 1986. Authors: L. Nancy Garrett, Karen Smith
Download from the ACM Digital Library

The Sampler Companion: Four Educational Software Samples
1985 Frontiers in Education Conference Proceedings, 1985. Authors:Nicole Yankelovich, L. Nancy Garrett, Janine Roeth, Karen Smith, Elisabeth Waymire

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