Can we ever be prepared for tragedy?

Much has been written about leading in a time of crisis and about parenting when things go terribly wrong. However, no amount of parent education or leadership training is enough to prepare us for unimaginable loss. I’m writing today in memory of the lives lost at the Sandy Hook Elementary School last Friday.

It’s been a week since the tragedy. I’ve read news stories, seen photos of the victims, and watched the vigils on television. Each story is so hard to hear. But, the one that brought me to tears was a tweet: “Eight out of ten girls from her Daisy troop are gone”

I clicked on the tweet and read this comment on a news article about the shooting:

I was talking to a friend about the shooting last night – she’s originally from Danbury, and knows some of the victims’ families personally. Her five-year-old niece is a Sandy Hook student and I remarked on how horrible it must be to be so young and lose so many people you know personally.

What really knocked the wind out of me during that conversation was this: “Eight out of ten girls from her Daisy troop are gone.”

Nothing can prepare you for tragedy of this magnitude.

May those who lost their lives that day rest in peace.


© 2012 by Karen Catlin. All rights reserved.

2 thoughts on “Can we ever be prepared for tragedy?

  1. Another tragic reminder of how these senseless deaths affect every aspect of community. It was especially poignant for all of us out there who are former Girl Scout leaders. It’s all so unimaginable. Thanks for sharing.

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