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For years, my husband and my co-workers encouraged me to write a book about leadership and parenting. As a high-tech executive and a working mom, I found that I was becoming a better leader because of the parenting skills I was learning, and a better parent because of the leadership training I was receiving. When I shared my perspective with my staff and others I mentored, my approach—talking about leadership in terms of parenting, and parenting advice through the lens of leadership lessons—really seemed to resonate.

By capturing my thoughts in writing, I hope to help others during that especially busy period of life when we’re raising children and our careers are growing in both responsibility and complexity. There’s so much to leverage between our growth as leaders and our growth as parents, and by pointing out some of these intersections, I want to help you be more effective both at home and at work.

I chose the title “Use Your Inside Voice”—often used by parents to calm an exuberant child—because it also applies to leaders who need to reach inside themselves to find the right words to inspire others and to speak calmly to their teams, especially in times of crisis. To me, “leadership” describes any role or situation where you provide direction, inspiration, and motivation to others. While much of my leadership focus is based on my corporate experience, I aim to be relevant and interesting to people in any kind of leadership position.

–Karen Catlin

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Latest Post

A heartfelt thanks

About Me
About Karen
My Lean In Story
Five Reasons Why My Husband Was My Most Important Career Decision
What’s in it for me
A Surprising Twist of Events

Piercing Through
Whose Gifts Are Going Unnoticed?

You know how I am
When you can’t discipline in private
Say thank you, and then stop
The Ultimate Compliment
Thank You, Plus One
A simple yet powerful phrase
How to talk so teams will listen
Writing “Tweet First”
I haven’t learned that yet
Going extreme with questions
Use your words!

A simple yet powerful phrase
The “Aha” Moment
The Value of a Dollar

General Leadership
Extreme Helpfulness
Quiet: The Missing Chapter
Don’t Try This At Home

Giving Feedback
Your Throw Sucks

Innovation and Creativity
Innovation…in the bamboo forest?
Get ’em out of the cave

Leading in a Crisis
Can we ever be prepared for tragedy?
Keep On Keeping On

Why You Should Ask about Bucket Lists
Look out for those “whatever…” responses
How to talk so teams will listen
Turn on Your Listening Ears

Making Decisions
Risk? What risk?
I could’ve done more…or not?
Never try to teach a pig to sing
No Kids? No Promotion!
When it’s time to kill the sled dogs

Managing Change
It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day
Sometimes you just need a fresh start
When did you learn to drive the tractor?
Start as you mean to go on
Persistence alone is not enough

Managing Conflict
When is it okay to play favorites?
Shamash of the Day, and other Thoughts on Win-Win Solutions

The true goal of leadership and parenting
Setting aside time to think

Alone, but Never Alone
The Quest for Perfection
Learning to recover from mistakes
Have you filled any buckets today?
Keep On Keeping On
The Power of Imperfection
Doesn’t everyone feel like an impostor, at some point?
The six-word phrase that matters most

Role Models
They’re Watching You
Response to “Career lessons from Gen-Y”
What did the parents do right?

Parenting Skills DO Translate to the Office
The Power of Storytelling

Thinking Positively
Bursting with Joy
Got Guilt?
You learn something new every day
A Gratitude a Day Keeps the Stress Away

Work-life Efficiency
Confessions of the time-starved generation
There is no secret sauce
But I want to have it all!
Thinking about a part-time role?
Practice Makes Perfect?

The Best Quotes for Leadership AND Parenting

Interview with Charlene Li
Interview with Rich Mironov
Interview with Deborah Mills-Scofield

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