Career Tips

My articles and interviews on career development:

The Best Panel Ever: A How-To Guide LinkedIn, April 2015
Stuck in your Career? Here’s a Tip that May Scare You LinkedIn, March 2015
4 Steps Toward A More Successful Women-In-Tech Initiative Fast Company, September 2014
One Simple Way to Help Retain Technical Women Medium, July 2014
A Mother’s Advice to Her Daughter, One Technical Woman to Another Medium, July 2014
The Art of Micro-Mentoring Inc., May 2014
Moving Up the Ladder – The Art of Micro-Mentoring Local Job Network Radio, May 2014
Seven Reasons Technical Women Quit and How to Keep Them, April 2014
The Simple Question New Employees Don’t Ask LinkedIn, April 2014
Career Tip: The Art of “Micro-Sponsorship” Women 2.0, April 2014
Can you learn to be strategic? LinkedIn, April 2014
6 Ways To Scare Off Technical Women From Your Company Fast Company, February 2014
Will I fit? Tips for Measuring Company Culture Femgineer, December 2013
Can You Learn to be Strategic? Anita Borg Institute, November 2013
My Career Regret: I Should Have Had More Lunch Dates With the Guys Women 2.0, September 2013
When Was The Last Time You Made Someone Feel Smart Women 2.0, July 2013
Why You Should Talk About Bucket Lists Women 2.0, June 2013
Return on investment: measuring career intervention programs Australian Career Practitioner Magazine, Spring 2013
Personal Branding: Why Wait for a Job Search? Invent Your Future, May 2013
How to Explain the ROI of Career Development Workshops Femgineer, May 2013
Make Yourself Unforgettable Use Your Inside Voice, April 2013
Tell ’em to Start a Club Use Your Inside Voice, April 2013
Got Sponsors? Global Tech Women, February 2013
Thinking about a part-time role in tech? Global Tech Women, January 2013

I also offer a series of free publications called “Karen’s Tips.”
Each is filled with practical ideas for your career and clear action items for planning your next steps.

Logo for Career Tip: Engage Sponsors
Engage Sponsors

Logo for Career Tip: Start a Club
Start a Club

Icon for Career Tip: How to Shift to Part-time
How to go Part-Time

If these publications help you, please share them with someone you know. Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Career Tips

  1. Thanks so much for the ‘How to shift to part-time’ PDF. I am thinking of making that transition so reading up as much as what I can about it. Will be sending it to some of my friends who are in the same position.

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