Voices Conference March 8 2014

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Register for this FREE virtual conference to hear Karen talk about “Building Your Street Cred” at 8am PST on Saturday, March 8th. She’ll be joining a host of other great speakers and attendees from around the globe who will convene virtually and in-person over a 39-hour period, following the sun, across every continent!

Building Your Street Cred

In this session Karen explores the concept of “street cred.” She presents 5 strategies that companies use to build their credibility with customers, and then discusses how to apply these same strategies to building a personal brand.

You may need street cred to convince an employer that you can do a job you’ve never done before. You may need it to show you’re still relevant after a gap in your experience. Or, that you’ll bring a certain discipline or rigor to the job, even though you didn’t attend that four-year engineering program or have the MBA they might be looking for. Simply put, street cred can help convince an employer, partner, or customer to take a risk on you.

You’ll discover things you can do to make yourself larger than life in the eyes of future employers, business partners, customers, and even people you might be trying to hire for your team.

Title page of Karen't Street Cred presentation

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